Why flowers by Sylvia?

Because we are the love messenger who delivers messages straight from your heart. Since our founding year in 1978, our motto "say what you mean and mean what you say" has continued to inspire not only our customers but ourselves to value credibility.

Because we believe in the interactive creativity of all parties carefully listening to the customer's desires while  anticipating recipient's needs. Likewise, our confidence in the inborn Filipino ingenuity among our staff,  some of whom finished only elementary education, has produced highly sought after multi-tasked managers and arrangers in 5 star hotels here and abroad for more than 3 (three) decades now, significally contributing to OFW's economic power. This reflects Sylvia Pimentel's pioneering spirit by allowing her staff to play an important role in the creative process, and crediting Mother Nature as their best teacher, having been exposed to the seas and mountains of their respective unspoiled beautiful hometowns.

Because we carry a tradition of serving with great pleasure. This is handed down to Sylvia's only child, Bianca Yuzon who grew up in a creative atmosphere conducive to honing her passion in composing original songs, writing poetry, painting artworks, designing clothes or  doing experimental flower arrangements as well.

Because we care for Mother Earth, our customers and recipients we offer health care products as add ons.

Because time has only made us gain more strength from countless precious memories we have been a part of ----- during sad or happy occasions, to console or celebrate life in the most meaningful and unforgettable ways.


Why Flowers by Sylvia?

Because we are truly there for you,  evolving in the most responsive technical way so we can best  serve you as we deliver ----village-wide, nationwide, worldwide----messages straight from your heart.!